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Spotlight on NorSun Intranet

NorSun Food Group Inc. asked Typhoon Digital to build them an Intranet site. The intranet site is designed to provide services to the employees and management of

the corporation. NorSun Food Group is the industry leader in delivering high-quality, cost-effective roasted, baked and water-blanched potato products.

Site Design

Typhoon Digital designed the NorSun intranet for the specific needs of the

NorSun Logo
company. When designing the site we used a simple "color coded" scheme to highlight each one of the departments pages. These individual colors highlight each section and distinguish each page.

NorSun Intranet Pages

Due to the nature of an Intranet site, these pages cannot be made available on the Internet for viewing. If you have any questions or would like us to make a demonstration site for you, please contact us.

NorSun Intranet
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